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Welcome To AUDLeY

It is our mission to offer the quality of imperfection. Sustainably,
one fruit and legume at a time.

follow along with us as we help grow, feed, and facilitate
agriculture in a whole new way.


Who Hates BEING AUD?

Itʼs the imperfections that make us... us.
We feel the same way about every farmerʼs harvest! Which is
why weʼre passionate about working with farmers in your
communities to fight against food waste. We like to do so by
letting them know every fruit is cute and utalizable. We use
the whole plant for nutritional value and less waste! No fruit
left behind, as we like to say.


we are rooting for you!

From the roots of the crops and into your hands itʼs up to you. Audley allows you to support local agriculture in a simple and convenient way. With each purchase, youʼre helping your local community build sustainable agriculture, and making our planet smile a little bigger. The powers in your hands. Weʼre rooting for you!


Dig in

Wanna know something crazy? Farmers lose over 40% of
their harvest a year due to tiling. Aka 40% of their crops are
left on the field because they arenʼt cute enough to be sold in
store! And get this... We could fill the Rose Bowl stadium
every day with America's food waste. EVERY DAY! We have
done all of the work for you to help solve the issue. Dig in.



We are passionate about local agriculture and strive to make it easy to integrate local into your daily (and busy!) lives. Keeping dollars in our local food system creates thriving farming communities that will continue to grow healthy food for our future generations. We truly believe farmers have the most important job in the world!